Erickson Family Pic. '17

Erickson Family Pic. '17

Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Facebook Happenings Feb. '17

Facebook Happenings for Feb. '17

Some things you might have missed on facebook.

Feb. 1, '17
I just want to say happy birthday to one of the best men I know. He is such an amazing husband to me and an awesome father to our kids. He works so hard for his family and we sure appreciate his efforts on our behalf. I sure love this man and hope he has a really great day! I love you Jason!

Feb. 2, '17
I have good news!!! Jason got a job working for American Senior Benefits - yay! He helps with financial planning, retirements, pensions, funeral expenses, insurance of all types, ect. (he helps people - mostly seniors that are pre-retirees & older, but not limited to). He helps people understand what they have for their insurance needs and helps them cover any gaps or problems with their insurance. Basically helping them get the right coverage and making sure they are covered for retirement, life ins., social security, and other stuff. So if your looking to make sure IRA's, insurance stuff, ect. are in order give him a call. Alot of times he helps people make same/more when their retired, than they did when they were working. Sad thing is too many people think they are fine, when they're really not. It's free to talk to him and better to make sure you are covered than not! If you're interested let me know, thanks! He mostly works in Utah county/SLC county, but he can work with people from all over Utah.
Kris Kemp-Erickson - Please spread the word, thank you!
Jennifer Davis - Fantastic news. Please wish him a belated birthday from us...
Kris Kemp-Erickson - Yep it is. Thanks, I will.

Feb. 16, '17
Always have, always will.

Feb. 26, '17
Played ticket to ride and smoked them! It was fun to play. Night all!
Jennifer Davis - Thats a great game!

Feb. 28, '17
Happy birthday to the best Mom I know (mine). She is the best and I sure love her. So glad to she's my Mom. Love you Mom, happy birthday!

Sydney Feb. '17

Sydney had fun this month.  She's such a great girl.  We sure love her.

Here's some pic's we took.

Playing at Child's park.

Balloon fight with her brother.

 Playing in the rain.

Building a snowfort with her Dad & brother.
The kids challenged their Aunt & Uncle to a snowball fight.  They were Team Awesome!

 Playing tug-a-rope with Dodger.
Playing fetch with Fisk & petting Neko.

Sydney made this at school.

Caden Feb. '17

Caden had fun this month.  He's such a good boy.  We sure love him.

Here's some pic's we took.

Balloon fight with his sister.

Building a snow fort with his Dad & sister.
The kids challenged their Aunt & Uncle to a snowball fight.  They were Team Awesome!

Playing with our pets.

Playing at Child's park.

Playing int he the rain.

Caden made this at school.

Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Valentine's Day '17

Happy Valentine's day!  

We had a great time celebrating valentine's day this year.  The kids sure liked decorating cookies and exchanging candy with their classmates.  Jason & Kris liked the stuff they got too.

Here's some pic's we took.

Kris made this at work.

Our kids are so cute!

Jason & Kris liked the stuff they got.

The kids made these v-day boxes for school.

 Caden making a smolder look and having decorating cookies.

Sydney having fun decorating cookies and enjoying the yummy cookies.

Kris made this cookie.

Sunday, February 5, 2017

Family Party Feb. '17

We went to Uncle Jason's for a family party.  It's always good to see family.  We had a good time.

Here's some pic's we took.

John, Ryan, Kaitlynn, Leanne, Lydia, Kim, Mary, Jackson, Uncle Jason & Payton.
 Grandpa Kemp & Jason
 Grandma Kemp, Tanya, Alanis & John.
 Landon & Caden. 
 Jason & Kris
 Sydney & Kiana.

Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Jason Birthday '17

Jason turned 33!  He had a great birthday!  He had fun eating his chocolate chip cookies Kris made and opening his presents.  He is an amazing Dad and great husband.  We are sure lucky to have him.

Here's some pics we took.