Erickson Family Pic. '16

Erickson Family Pic. '16

Thursday, August 31, 2017

Sydney Aug. '17

Sydney has had a busy this month.  She has sure enjoyed their summer so far.  She was excited about starting school, she missed his friends and school.

Here's some pics we took.

Sydney's 1st day of school.  She started 4th grade this year.

Sydney got her haircut, she looks so cute.

The kids playing at Child's park.  Fisk decided he wanted to come too.

Sydney playing with her friend Kaka.

Sydney and Mom went to Child's park to ride their bikes.

Watching the eclipse.

Caden Aug. '17

Caden has had a busy this month.  The kids have sure enjoyed their summer so far.  He wasn't excited about starting school, but he did miss his friends.

Here's some pics we took.

Caden's 1st day of school.  Caden started 2nd grade this year.

Carlito came to visit for the night.  Here's the kids playing at Child's park.

Playing at the splash pad park.
Caden pulled Mom over and whispered to her that he was going to marry this cute little girl.  
Mom asked him why?  
Caden - Cause she's pretty. 
Mom - How about you marry someone cause they're nice and a good person.
Caden - Mooom, no cause she's pretty.  You're making me blush.
Mom (thinking) - Looks go away, being nice and a good person would be far better...  lol 

Watching the eclipse.

Caden wanted Mom to take a picture of him and Fisk.

Caden looking good with his new haircut.

Caden playing with his friend Carter.

Monday, July 31, 2017

July '17

We've had a good month this month.  We've been running around, having so much fun doing lots of things. 

Here's some pic's we took.

Art City Days!  We enjoyed listening to the music and watching the fireworks.

We went to the carnival.  We had so much fun!

 Springville city parade.  The kids sure liked getting the candy and other stuff.

We went to the Scottish festival.  We all had alot of fun.

Here some pic's that were taken while Sydney was in Washington.
Grace got baptized while she there.

Mom & Caden at Child's park when we went to do Tai Chi with Dad.  Sydney was in 
WA with her Grandma Erickson & Aunt Laura.