Erickson Family Pic. '17

Erickson Family Pic. '17

Saturday, April 30, 2016

Kids Soccer Spring '16

Caden & Sydney both played spring soccer this year.  
They had a great time and really liked playing soccer.

Here's some pic's we took of them playing in their games.

Caden playing soccer - one pic. of him at every game.
Caden & his friend Luke.
His whole team & coach!

Sydney playing soccer - one pic. of her at every game.
Sydney & her friend Charlie.
 Her whole team!

See you in the fall!

Sydney Apr. '16

Sydney has had a busy month this month.  She's been having so much fun in school, playing with cousins and friends.  

Here's some pic's we took of her this month.

Sydney helping clean up the backyard.

Sydney playing in the mud.

Sydney made this at school for the school art show.

Sydney on her school field trip with Mom.

Caden Apr. '16

Caden has had a busy month this month.  He's been having so much fun in school, playing with cousins and friends.  

Here's some pic's we took of him this month.

Caden had a butterfly on his finger, while he was at school.

Playing at a friends house, rolling down a small hill.

Chillin' with Mr Fisk.

Caden made this at school for the school's art show.

Caden on his school field trip with Dad.

Facebook Happenings Apr. '16

Facebook Happenings for Apr. '16

Some things you might have missed on facebook.

Apr. 1, 2016
Kris Kemp-Erickson - I love lighthouses, they are one of my favorite things!

Apr. 3, 2016
I enjoyed conference very much this weekend. So grateful for a living prophet to guide us in these troubled times. I sure enjoyed Pres. Uchtdorf comment on the celestial language. lol

Apr. 10, 2016
Love my siblings. Here a pic. of us all that was taken a few years back. Very glad they are mine. It's nice having friends in siblings, even if it felt like having 7 parents rather than siblings while growing up. Lol
J Scott Anderson - Nice picture. Watch out for the guy on the far right though.
Belinda Robinson - I miss your family so much!
Rhonda Wheeler Sanford - Now that's funny about 7 parents because I can surely imagine that..Miss your family!

Apr. 12, 2016
Apparently it's grilled cheese sandwich day. I love these sandwiches. Happy day all, guess you know what I'm making for dinner tonight!
Sharon Clark Tang - Oooh, I hadn't figured out dinner yet but I like the sound of that!

Apr. 17, 2016
Too funny, gotta love them both!

Apr. 20, 2016
Last night was a good night. No meltdowns during homework - yay. Got to spend time enjoying a fun dinner with my family, then spending one-on-one time with my kids. Sydney and I went ladybug hunting and Caden and I colored. I enjoyed it very much, love spending time with my family/kiddos.

Apr. 30, 2016
So hard, but true.

Saturday, April 9, 2016

Spring Break Fun '16

-Spring Break Fun-

We had alot of fun during spring break.  We went to the splashpad park, dinosaur museum and swimming pool.  We all had fun hanging out with Jared's boys (Hayden, Corbin & Landon) and Jason & Mary and their kids.  It was really good to see them and hang out.

Here's some pic's I (Kris) took.

Playing at the splashpad park.
Grandma Kemp, Kris, Hayden, Corbin, Landon, Sydney & Caden.

Visiting the dinosaur museum.
Kris, Hayden, Corbin, Landon, Sydney & Caden

Having fun at the swimming pool.

Jason & Mary, Haley, Lily, Ella, Sydney & Caden