Erickson Family Pic. '17

Erickson Family Pic. '17

Monday, December 30, 2013

Facebook Happenings for Dec. '13

Some things you might have missed on facebook.

Dec. 9, 2013
Got my kids coats washed and dried just before we had to take Sydney to school. Got my dirty dishes all in one load and started. Take that Mr. Murphy, I'm on a roll. Now I just have to tackle folding the laundry piles. Have a good week everyone.
Barbara Foley - I did similar thing this wknd spring cleaned our rm took 4 1/2 hrs for just our rm want suppose to b in charge if that rm but non the less took care of it lol he has had his handsful so I did it and then put together his Christmas gift early lol lol w help from a friend. Thank you Shayleen Mee McNeil that only took us 4 hrs lol lol cleaned whole house did all laundry over load lol pillows stuffed animals sheets blankets quilts lol lol etc was was busy all wknd yaaaa all done tu
Kris Kemp-Erickson - Rock on.

Dec. 25, 2013
Merry Christmas everyone!  Hope everyone had a great day.
Jill Baggiore - You too!
Barbara Foley - Thanks you too sweetie.
Jackie Wilkinson - merry christmas

The Things Ryan Heath Made Us

I thought I would post what Ryan Heath (my brother in-law) has made us over the years.

Ryan made this pen for me (Kris).  I love it, it's the nicest pen I own!

Ryan made this pen for Jason.  He uses it for his church pen, because it's so nice.

These are my salt and pepper grinders.  I love them, they are so nice.

Ryan made the kids their own pens, they even got to help!

Caden was so excited, he even let us take his pic.; which never happens.

Here's some other things he has done or made.  

Pens - various pens (wood, acrylic, ect.), but the coolest is the pens that are with actual bullets (the bullet pen).  He also makes really nice salt & pepper grinders, pizza cutters, ect.

Bullet Pens

Executive Pens

 Other Items
(Bottle Opener & Pizza Cutter)

Salt & Pepper Grinders

He sure does an amazing job.  If you want to see more, you can go to his website:

Saturday, December 28, 2013

Sydney Dec. '13

Here's some pic's we took of Sydney this month.

  Sydney made her 1st snowman by herself and decorated it with Grandma Kemp's snowman decorations.

We were at my sister's house for a family party and Ryan made Sydney a very pretty pen.  She loves her new pen - thanks Ryan for being an awesome uncle & pen maker!!!

Caden Dec. '13

Here's some pic's we took of Caden this month.

This is so Caden, watching some TV and eating cookies.  He's our little cookie monster boy.

We were at my sister's house for a family party and Ryan made Caden a very nice pen.  He loves his new pen - thanks Ryan for being an awesome uncle & pen maker!!!

Monday, December 23, 2013

Power Outage & S'mores

So we had an interesting night this evening.  The power went out at our house and so Jason started a fire and I pulled out some stuff for S'mores.  The kids loved the S'mores.  All and all we had a really good time and made some great memories.  

Jason was awesome, he was suppose to go and play games with his fiends, but instead he stayed with us.  What a great and wonderful man, husband and father he is - we are blessed to have him.

Here's some pic's I (Kris) took.

The kids liked watching the fire.

All ready for roasting the marshmallows.

Yum, now it's time to eat them.

Sunday, December 15, 2013

Kemp Family Christmas Party '13

We had my (Kris's) family Christmas party at my brother James house in Orem, UT this year.  We had a great time and it was fun to visit and see everyone.  We missed my brother in-law Ryan and my brother John, but we got to see their families so that was nice.  

Here's some pic's I took while we were there.

We had a great time, thanks James for hosting the party!