Erickson Family Pic. '17

Erickson Family Pic. '17

Sunday, September 30, 2012

Family Pic's '12

We just took our family pic's for the year. They turned out really well. We got them taken up in Springville canyon.  Hope you all enjoy them!

All of us!

Jason & Kris

Just the kids

Jason & Sydney

Kris & Sydney

Just Sydney

Kris & Caden

Jason & Caden

Just Caden

Facebook Happenings for Sept. '12

Some things you might have missed on facebook.

Sept. 9, 2012
I'm so tired, but had a good time at my Mom's. Thanks Jill for coming with me & thanks Mom for letting us come down and stay!!!
Irene Nowyckyj Johnson - How are her feet?
Jill Baggiore - it was my pleasure!!!!!!  Thank you for letting me come
Dawne Roper - St. George?? If so why, wasn't I informed?
Kris Kemp-Erickson - Aunt Irene - Her feet are doing OK. Dawne - not in St george, but their place in orem.
Dawne Roper - Oh ok

Sept. 15, 2012
I love these pic's, it reminds me of my kids and I.

Friday, September 28, 2012

Sydney Sept. '12

Here's some pic's we took of Sydney this month. She's getting so big!

Wearing Daddy's special hat and being a very pretty girl.

Holding Mom's Koala bear. Mom's had this bear for a very long time and she sure loves it and thinks it's hers now.

Rolling around on the floor and thinking this is quite fun.

Holding her kitty "Mr. Fisk". Fisk takes her motherly love in stride.

Having so much fun playing at the playground at McDonald's!

Helping Dad fix our vacuum and being such a big helper - she sure loves being a big helper around the house already.

As the kids were coloring I overheard Sydney talking to Caden. This is how that conversation went:

Sydney: Caden do you want to learn how to spell your name?

Caden: Yep.

Sydney: This is how you spell your name KDY2SN.

Caden: O.K.

ha ha ha, that is too funny. At least she got the first letter to sound similar to a C and the last actually is the same letter. Sydney is such a good little Mommy to her brother. Our kids are too cute!

Caden Sept. '12

Here's some pic's we took of Caden this month. He's getting so big!

Hugging Daddy's "Mr. Bear". Jason has had this bear for a very long time and Caden of course loves it and thinks it's his bear now.

Having so much fun playing on the playground at McDonald's.

Wearing Daddy's special hat and looking pretty good.

Pushing his "Mater" lawnmower around the house - he sure loves his toys.

Rolling around on the floor and having great fun.

Helping Dad fix our vacuum and being such a big helper - he sure loves his tools and being able to fix stuff already.

This morning I (Kris) had a very funny conversation with Caden.

Me: Caden, why aren't you eating your captain crunch berries?

Caden: 'Cause I don't like berries.

Me: But the it's like having candy in your berries.

Caden: No, I don't like having candy in my berries.

ha, ha, ha. Our kids are too funny. Caden doesn't like fruit of any kind, so to hear the word berries is what probably made him not be willing to eat them. Not even if they aren't really berries or if they have candy in them...

Thursday, September 20, 2012


So I (Kris) have been making these scrapbook/album books for our kids and our family. They are so fun and I think it looks really cool. You can do alot of fun stuff. They have background/clip art you can use or download other stuff from your computer or on the web. Jason likes it 'cause they have an actual hardbound or softbound book to look at and I like it 'cause it's easier to make, store and look at. It's easier since alot of places that use to do scrapbooking stuff is gone. Plus alot of people are going digital now a days. I love it!

Friday, September 7, 2012

Quote (9-7-12)

Love this pic./quote! Hope our kids remember this and always know this is so true...