Erickson Family Pic. '17

Erickson Family Pic. '17

Friday, December 30, 2011

Facebook Happenings for Dec. '11

Some things you might have missed on facebook.

Dec. 7, 2011
Rest in peace veterans of Pearl Harbor, you are remembered. Thank you for all you did! Thank you to all the veterans past and present for all you have done and do today!

Dec. 17, 2011
Wasn't feeling too good last night. Thank you to my hubby for watching the kids and sweeping/moping the floors while I got some rest. You’re the best!
Bryan Brailsford - thats great man
Kris Kemp-Erickson - Yes he is!

Dec. 27, 2011
A great quote from the Father of our Country!

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Sydney Dec. '11

Sydney likes her necklace-earrings and her new light saber sword. Enjoy the pic's!

Caden Dec. '11

Caden playing some games with his Dad. Enjoy the pic's!

Saturday, December 17, 2011

Our Family Pic's '11

Here are some family pic's we just got! I'm so glad the kids were good and smiled (for the most part).  Hope you enjoy!

Monday, November 28, 2011

Thanksgiving '11

Here's some pic's I took of the Thanksgiving breakfast we had with Jason's family. I forgot to take any of my family (oops). At least I got some of one side of the family - maybe next year I'll remember to do both.

Sunday, November 27, 2011

Facebook Happenings for Nov. '11

Some things you might have missed on facebook.

Nov. 2, 2011
Happy Birthday wishes to ME from many family members and friends.  Thanks for all the birthday wishes.

Nov. 12, 2011
Happy Anniversary wishes to Jason and myself from many family members and friends.  Love that man and am very glad to still be with him.

Nov. 14, 2011
Got almost all I need for Thanksgiving dinner. Yay - for having it with our families this year! Got all of my Christmas shopping / Birthday's for Jason and the kids all done. Bring on the holiday's I'm ready!
Sharon Clark wow, impressive!!
Jackie Wilkinson - Wish mine was all done.
Kris Kemp-Erickson - Sharon - Thanks, I shop all year long so I don't have to do it at the end of the year. Jackie - You should do what I do, it's easier and less expensive.
Lois Mullins Clark - WOW!!!

Nov. 27, 2011
Wanted to wish my sweet "sqeaker" boy (Chris) a very happy birthday, who is now 12. I still can't believe 12 years ago I had and gave this sweet boy to the family he was meant to be with. I wish I could see him passing the sacrament (if he chose to do so). I hope he knows how much I love him and miss him...  Happy Birthday sweet boy! Hope it's all you wanted it to be.
Beth Strickler - Omg i cant believe hes u kris
Dustie Powell Rodriguez - Wow 12! I remember like it was just a couple years ago! Crazy.
Kris Kemp-Erickson - I know I can't believe it myself. It doesn't seem like 12 years have gone by. It's crazy!
Jackie Wilkinson - I can't believe he is that old. Do you have any recent pics...
Kris Kemp-Erickson - No the last time I got pic's was when he was about 3 or 4.

Sunday, November 20, 2011

Surprise After Shower

So after I (Kris) got out of the shower one morning I came into the living rm. & kitchen to find a surprise.

Sydney was watching a movie on my Nook - not just playing with it, but actually watching a Kids movie on Netflix. And then Caden was in the kitchen eating banana bread, he took off the lid and just went at the loaf of bread.

Our kids are too smart for their own good. It reminds me of how our kids are very unique.

There are two things about Sydney I know for sure.
1. If there is an animal in the house she will find it.
2. She has her Daddy's knack for electronics.

The two things about Caden I know for sure.
1. If there is food in the house; which he can get to, he will eat it (well almost anything).
2. He doesn't just play with his toys, but he has his Grandpa Kemp's knack for figuring out how things work.

Sunday, November 13, 2011

Sydney & Caden Nov. '11

Here's some pic's of the kids who've fallen asleep on Sydney's bed.

Saturday, November 12, 2011

Our Anniversary '11

Yesterday was our 6th anniversary together! We had a wonderful date. All and all it was a good day. I love you Jason very much and am very glad I married you! Onto many more happy years together...

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Kris Birthday '11!

Today was my (Kris's) birthday. I finally got a new camera (this time a different brand), let's hope my bad carma with camera's will be over. I am very blessed to have such a wonderful family. They love me more than I deserve. I had a great birthday and am looking forward to many more years with my family.

Monday, October 31, 2011

Halloween Pic's '11

All of us in our costumes. Jason as the "Crim Reaper". Kris as a "Witch". Kris's costume can either be a witch or a vampire maiden, so I guess you know what I'll be next year. :o) Jason was glad we could do a Trunk-or-Treat on Sat. So he could be there to see the kids have Halloween, since he would be gone on Halloween.

The kids in their costumes ready to go Trick-or-Treating!

Sydney in her "Lady Bug" costume. She said Trick-or-Treat and thank you when she went to a new car/truck.

Caden in his "Superman" costume. He thought it was cool when people kept giving him candy in his bucket.

Sunday, October 30, 2011

Facebook Happenings for Oct. '11

Some things you might have missed on facebook.

These are the pic’s I saw this month on facebook and thought I would share them on our blog.

Oct. 7, 2011
So true!

Oct. 9, 2011
Too funny!
Beth Strickler - lol... I cried the other day when I got on the scale...going from 95 pounds to what I weigh now (let's just say I gained a super model in a little under 2 years )...I know I was super unhealthy. ..but I kinda wish I was still under 100 pounds
Kris Kemp-Erickson - Being under 100 pounds is not healthy. But I'm not healthy either. I would like to lose like 50-75 pounds. I need to get into shape, but more so I need to be happy with the skin I'm in!!! You are beautiful and have someone who loves/thinks you are the world and that's what matters.
Beth Strickler - I really wanna loose like 60 lbs. ..I wish u were close so we could do it together. ...sorry ur hubby leaves today. :o(
Kris Kemp-Erickson - Yeah that would be cool to work out together.... Yeah me too!

Oct. 10, 2011
Yummy popcorn chicken, fries and Halloween smiley cookies I (Kris) made.

Oct. 14, 2011
Oh that is so funny!
Beth Strickler - lol
Candice Morgan - Ha!
Michelle Roper - oh ha ha ha hahaha! that is good! "make it memorable." classic!

Oct. 23, 2011
Too freakin' cute!
Lena Atkins - love it, i have to steal it for my page!

Oct. 24, 2011
Love this - wish people (especially in congress) would really read this and FOLLOW IT!

Sunday, October 16, 2011

Sydney Oct. '11

Sydney was a busy girl this month. She got to do lots of fun things!

Sydney & Caden having so much fun playing at Chuck-E-Cheese.

Caden Oct. '11

Caden was a busy boy this month. He got to do lots of fun things!

Caden & Sydney having so much fun playing at Chuck-E-Cheese.

Saturday, October 15, 2011

Black Island Farm

We went to the Black Island Farm today. It's a working farm in Syracuse; where we got to see live animals, go on slides, play in the corn box, walk in a corn maze, ride on a tractor and pick out some pumpkins! It was alot of fun and the kids loved it!!!

All of us on the tractor - we had a great time!

The kids going down the slide - they sure had fun!

The kids playing in the "Corn Box" - I (Kris) likes this better than sand.

All of us going through the corn maze.

The kids playing by the big tires.

Here's the tractor/trailer we rode on and the pumpkin's we picked out.

Jason carved one of the pumpkins we picked out - he did a great job!

Friday, September 30, 2011

Facebook Happenings for Sept. '11

Some things you might have missed on facebook.

Sept. 23, 2011
Yum pumpkin bread. I love Fall! Now if only I could enjoy this to it's fullest - I hate getting a cold/flu.
Jennifer Davis - Ohh copy cat! We're on our second batch of pumkin bread and have gotten over the flu to carry on with a cold
Kris Kemp-Erickson - I hate being sick, but the pumpkin bread makes it a little nicer to endure. Well if you're going to copy someone I guess you better do it right.

Sept. 27, 2011
Sydney said the cutest thing last night and thought I would share it.

Sydney - I want to talk on the phone.
Kris Kemp-Erickson - Who are you going to call?
Sydney - I want to talk to boys on the phone.
Kris Kemp-Erickson - Which boys are you going to call?
Sydney - Super hero's.

She's so cute and already wants to talk to boys - she's only 3! Can't wait till she's a teenager...
Trevor D. Kelley - Oh man. Three more years and she'll catch the pregs for sure.
Jennifer Davis - Well at least she's looking for a superhero
Kris Kemp-Erickson - Trevor - NOT FUNNY. I'd kill her first. Jennifer - Yeah that was my thinking as well. Jason just laughed when he heard that.

Sunday, September 25, 2011

Sydney Sept. '11

Here our some pic's we took of Sydney in September, so cute!

Sydney our resident "Hat Girl".

Sydney with her new "Holly Shiftwell" car. She likes her new car.

Sydney & Caden reading a book together, so cute!

Caden Sept. '11

Here our some pic's we took of Caden we took in September, so cute!

Caden playing outside, he loves going outside.

Caden with his new "Lightning McQueen" car. He saw this at the Disney store and would not let it go.  so of course we had to buy it and bring it home.

Caden & Sydney reading a book together, so cute!