Erickson Family Pic. '17

Erickson Family Pic. '17

Monday, August 30, 2010

Facebook Happenings for Aug. '10

Some things you might have missed on facebook.

Aug. 1, 2010
Here’s some pic’s we took of a play group we went to.  Not sure why I don’t have any pic’s of Caden, but I know he was there, he was asleep for most of it. 
Sharon Clark - looks like you had a good turn out.. great photos, i LOVE the facial expressions captured in so many of these!!
Lois Mullins Clark - I agree!
Carmen Remington Jacobus - how cute are you two.
Cari Allen - You look soooo much like your mom right there...
Kris Kemp-Erickson - I wish I were thinner, but soon my bike will help with that!!! :o) I'm not sure how you see my Mom, but hey that's O.K. Thanks Cari...
Jill Baggiore - great picture! I miss you!!!!!!!!!!!!
Kris Kemp-Erickson - Thanks, I miss you too!!!

Aug. 5, 2010
I love that our little guy is crawling... He's been crawling for a couple of weeks now. He is eating baby cereal and doing so well. My boy is getting so big!!!
Vanessa Olson - It happens so fast, doesn't it. It is fun to watch, but makes life even crazier.
Kris Kemp-Erickson - Very true!
Carmen Remington Jacobus - they are getting so big, how are you guys doing?
Kris Kemp-Erickson - Yes they are!  We are doing good.

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Caden 7 Months Old

Here are some pic's of Caden. He is now 7 months old. Hope you enjoy the pic's. He started crawling all over the place this month.

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Sydney Aug. '10

Welcome cowgirl! Sydney's trying out her Mom's boots & another one of Dad up-do's - his way of doing her hair.